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1967 Ford Galaxie Dash Pad

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Nice black dash pad for sale removed from a 1967 2 door Galaxie 500. Dash pad is nice and straight, not warped, wavy like the high seas, top not of dash not cracked with a speaker grill area intact! One very tiny crack on the underside inside edge along where the speedometer assembly sets in place that would be completely invisible. The small crack might have happened when someone removed the speedometer assembly, not the result of warp or sun damage and not puckered. Again, tiny (maybe 1 inch) not visible! $200 + shipping.

Car also has nice door panels, etc with arm rests and a good complete back seat that appears to have very good black vinyl. Door panels have woodgrain inserts and inside door bottom courtesy lights in them. Looks like a premium level interior car. There are dash parts, speedometer etc also. PM me or email me at turbocoupe1@hotmail.com


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