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Early Olds hydro flywheels

Guest Blownolds

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Guest Blownolds

Selling off the last of my early Olds Hydra-matic flywheels.

These here are the 145-tooth 303 flywheels... I'm out of the 176-tooth ones, except for maybe 1 early cad one. These here are internal/neutral balance... not external balance.

These will physically bolt to all 303/324-371/394 cranks. If you choose to run a hydro tranny behind a 371 or 394, then you'd want to address the issue of balancing.

$25 each plus mail. Might want to stock up at this price, since the ring gears are NOT replaceable on these... the teeth are machined right into the flywheel plate...

USA mailing destinations only, as the mailing costs will be too high for every other country including Canada. Probably exceeds the weight limits anyway...

If interested in purchasing, just e-mail me direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com and let me know how many you want.

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