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FS: '54 Cad hydra-matic transmission core, $50

Guest Blownolds

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Guest Blownolds

Have an automatic transmission core from a '54 Cadillac. It's been sitting out, and I have no idea of the condition. Might also fit '53 or '55 caddy too? I'm betting '55 works, as I couldn't tell the difference side by side. This one here has a '54 code tag on it. Looks to be pretty complete. Use it for parts or for rebuilding.

$50 bucks takes it... cheap tranny core for a '50's classic Caddy here. That's WAY cheaper than you'll find a core virtually anywhere else, believe me! I was into the classic car hobby a long time and this is no lie. Not interested in having someone e-mail me just to grind me or waste time with tons of e-mail's. Just want someone to come with 50 bucks cash and get it gone to a new home.

You must pick it up in Rialto, CA. I am not crating and shipping this one for the $50 blow-out price.

Have other stock early dual-range hydro cores for sale as well, similarly priced... but this one is the only Cad unit I have left. The others are various years of Olds, Pontiac, Chevy truck, and GMC truck. Just no shipping... pick up in Rialto, CA only please.

If interested in making a purchase, then please e-mail me direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com

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