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Marty Roth

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I'm trying to decide if I should put one of our cars up for sale. I've given some thought to putting my 1934 Model 57 on the market. It was just awarded Senior Grand National at Moline. IL last month (First Junior at Stowe-2011; Senior at Bristol-2011; First Grand Nation at Shelbyville-2012). I just haven't really decided, but could really use the room in the garage (and some cash, too) for other projects. This strong-running Buick was our Tour / Driver for a dozen years, and was then carefully, and lovingly restored between August 2006 and May, 2011- turned out it was a never damaged, never rusted, never rotted great driver, and I'm the 3rd owner, having bought it in 1995 from the gentleman/collector/BCA Member who bought it in 1970.

The problem is that I really like the car, and love driving it, but it is so much like our 1937 Buick Roadmaster 4-door convertible which is an HPOF-ORIGINAL.....

Click on pictures to enlarge..

(Spots in next-to-last photo are raindrops)

<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <fieldset class="postcontent"><legend>paperclip.png Attached Thumbnails</legend> 202697d1351475513t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-001.jpg 202698d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-003.jpg 202699d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-005.jpg 202700d1357337610t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-007.jpg 202701d1340409705t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-008.jpg

202702d1357337620t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-010.jpg 202703d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-011.jpg 202704d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-012.jpg 202705d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-014.jpg 202706d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-016.jpg

202707d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-017.jpg 202708d1340415433t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-019.jpg 202709d1340401814t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-020.jpg 202710d1340395385t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-021.jpg 202711d1340424032t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-022.jpg

202712d1357337643t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-023.jpg 202713d1357337645t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-024.jpg 202714d1357337648t-1931-33-buick-80-90-series-1934-buick-025.jpg </fieldset>

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You can't sell the 34. If you sell the 34 the Roadmaster will get lonely and vapor lock just to teach you a lesson :D. Just kidding.... If you feel you need the space and/or the cash then follow your heart and make another Buick fan VERY HAPPY.


Then sell me your 37 so I can have a pair :cool:.

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Marty, It is surly a difficult decision to let such a fine car get away. It is rare to have the same award winning car also used for touring. However, I am sure a new owner will also find enjoyment. It is a lot to consider, almost like losing a good friend. I sure cannot help you with a decision. I hang on to every one I get. That is except for my old Volvo 544. Broke a break hose on with no dual master, so that decision was easy. Saved the car but scared me when I thought my teenagers would want to drive it soon. Good luck with the decision. John

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Wow ! its one of the best ive ever seen ! its almost same color as my 34 Dodge and they would look good side by side and yours is alot better ! and just like you I have no more room unless I let go of another car . yes hard descision ! only you can do it good luck !



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I saw your Buick in Stowe, Vt. Awesome car.

If it were me, I would keep both cars, regardless if they feel the same when driving.

In my view the collecting of Antique Cars is the collecting of art and style. Both Buicks are different in that regard.

Keep both cars, who knows what would happen to them in the hands of someone else.

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I will be glad to store it in my Buick barn and exercise it regularly for you...

Then you can jump on a plane and enjoy all the car events here in the Northwest.


And I only live half the distance from La to Wa. Think what you'll save in air fare.

Why I could even drop it off for you to drive for 3 weeks in March, when we go to Florida.

Mike in Colorado

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Very nice...that's a decision I'd have trouble with too, I'm sure...my solution was to build a bigger shop building (and that's getting toward full although I can park more efficiently). It's a beautiful car that I'd enjoy, but with the wife's illness, my purchasing for the year is done...and possibly for next year too.

Good luck coming to a decision, and if you do sell it, good luck finding a qualified buyer who will be a good steward of the car.

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I guess I could give some thought to leaving it in another area to use for touring, but it deserves to be exercised regularly.

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Thanks for all of the thoughts - I guess, now that she has her AACA Senior Grand National, I'm leaning toward putting her up for sale, but still haven't pulled the trigger.

Any thoughts as far as value? I know I cannot get back anywhere near the estimated $65-70K I have in her.

She is a fantastic driver, and has many, many extras, but I need to reduce the stable.


















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Guest kaycee

Keep the '34 and the '37 and sell the BMW or a couple of the newer Cadillacs! You'll have more room and some of yor cash investment back and be happier in years to come. 'Better than a bunch of pictures and memories!


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