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IT "thinks" it's overheated.........starts to miss/lug then stalls


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My luck has really gone downhill in the last 2 years. Had engine rebuilt. Had faulty (2nd replacement since) Ign Cont Mod replaced (under warr) and IAC, as well as radiator. --------

I can drive it for a bit, temp is at 12 o'clock (normal), park it for 10 minutes or so. Get in start up drive 1/4 mile, temp gage NOT redlined but at 3 o'clock, starts to miss-stalls-won't start....unless I wait about 15 minutes. ONLY 80 degrees outside. NOW at shop (2nd day) running diagnostics but nothing certain I'm told. ANY thoughts???? (rebuilt 180,000 - now 183,000)

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Do you think it's overheated? Does it tick and ping and give off enough heat to cook a steak? If so check the thermostat.

The crank sensor, ICM, and MAF are all subject to thermal breakdown, will cause driveability problems including stalling needing a cool down prior to restart, and won't set a code.

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It didn't get hot enough for overheating, no. But it "behaved" as it had.

JUST GOT IT BACK - they ran diagnostics, nothing certain, swapped out BCM and PCM (both used), went a little "nuts" (error on speedo "section" like it did years ago before I had THAT section "restored" and put back in)

SO...they put the old modules back in, discovering a few "sort of" loose connections (seemingly) with the multi-pin connectors. Test drove twice, no problems.

I drove it home....shut off for a few minutes (thinking it MIGHT do like before, when it "thought" it was too hot)....started up.. and no problems....yet.

Can I assume this HAS happened to someone else????????

ALSO - another issue (I forgot to mention from before) - the idle speed WAS SOMETIMES erratic. 1500 when sitting after driving and warm, a few moments later back down on it's own, then...one time...so high it was like cruise control at 30 mph. Can THAT be related to THIS "imagined heat/stall" issue?

I had the Idle control replaced a few hundred miles ago. -

NOW.....SO FAR all OK. BUT I will experiment further today..............

THANKS for any help...felling like giving upon this era USA technology! I have a Subaru (ugh) that ALWAYS works!

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Padgett, as usual, you are CORRECT! '89 Bonneville is written on it.

I've since had it out twice. Parked (5-10 min) after driving 'til well warm, starts and runs fine (about 85 degrees today).

I will continue to "test" it over the next few days. I just hope it doesn't happen AGAIN on a long road trip, or on a busy 4 lane roadway like LAST TIME! The temps will go from mid 80's to mid 90's by Tuesday, so it "should" be good enough for experimental endeavors. HEY Machiner 55......... good one!

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Thanks Mc forwarded your C sensor/MAF comment. Mechanic says "we've never looked at your MAF". I did a "bit" of research, but saw nothing about temp gage being "up" more than usual (which does happen every time), BUT...........I'm tempted to ask mechanic "WHY haven't you thought of it". I'm NOT a mechanic, but isn't it "reasonable" that a rebuilt engine would HAVE had a LOT of these components "examined".......or am I wrong??

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OK....Haven't driven it for a few weeks. Started it yesterday (82 degrees outside) , COLD idle 14-1500, warmed up...the same. Didn't take it out.TODAY all's OK for about 30 miles (85 degrees) . Parked for 10 minutes. Started it and temp gage was up to about 2 o'clock, ran herky jerky for a moment (like it did July 11 when it stalled and wouldn't start for 10 minutes).

I MIGHT try to clean MAF as it's the only thing NOT done yet. If I decide I shouldn't, I'll take it and have it done. This is annoying.....................

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