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Can a 1928 Light Six engine be swapped with a 1927 Standard Six?

Guest specautotech

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Guest specautotech

I have a lead on a 1928 Studebaker Light Six engine and I am wondering if it will mount to the transmission of my 1927 Studebaker that originally came with a Standard Six? The blocks are visibly different from pictures, so it makes me question if it would a successful swap. Any advice or knowledge is greatly welcomed.



1927 Studebaker - Nebraska Classic Car Restoration, Vintage Auto, Hot Rods


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Studebaker did not use the Light Six terminology after the 1924 model year. The 1925-26 model ER cars were all referred to as the Standard Six. This name was also used for the early 1927 EU cars through serial #1385940 after which they were called Dictators. The car in your photo is a 1927 model EU. The engines for all 1926 thru 28 Standard Six and Dictators models ER. EU and GE should all be interchangeable.


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