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Interesting Accessory Lighted Indian Head Fender Guides. Pontiac, but not the red ones.


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Here's a great pair of lighted Pontiac indian head fender guides. The material (which might be lucite? how can I tell?) and general design suggests 1949-'52 and early '50s, as it bears a resemblance to the indian head hood ornaments used then, but that's only my guess. How and where would they mount? Earlier fender guides in the 1930s and '40s clamped to the apex of the wheel opening in the front fender, but I'm not sure about these. They have only a loop where the mounting clamp would be. Most of the fender guides I've seen in the '50s mounted to the headlight rims. This pair has shafts that are offset for left and right side. They are probably aftermarket. This is the only pair my grandfather has seen in this style, compared to the earlier and more common smaller red ones of a different style (of the same shape as the red, I once saw a blue one).

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!




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Most certainly aftermarket-- the opposing offsets of the rods with the looped ends would seem to indicate that they might be mounted on smallish existing bolts or screw-heads, perhaps on the headlight doors (bezels), or maybe the wrap-around edge of the grille -- but certainly some smaller item up-front. Cool period accessory !

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