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Looking for Exhaust Pipes for 65


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Would you please help me track down exhaust pipes for my 65?

I have tried;

Advanced Auto Parts

Walker Exhaust Manufacturer

O'Reilly Auto

JC Whitney


Just looking for the pair of new pipes that run over the axle from resonator to muffler.

Does anyone sell new exhaust pipes for Riv's

Thank you


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Greetings Izo I bought an aluminized complete exhaust system for my 65 on Ebay from Classic Car Exhaust Systems for around $350 plus shipping.......there were some minor issues with fit as to be expected, but nothing my local muffler shop (Midas) couldn't overcome. I only replaced my perfectly good system because it was rusty and unsightly, especially that ugly transverse muffler,which is very visible. A year and a half later the aluminized system is still shiny as new. They also sell the system in stainless steel for around $950 but I seem to remember a club member complaining that the stainless resonated with a buzz or rattle at certain speeds. Let us know how things turn out. Drew 4675

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Here is the expected minor issue the local muffler shop shouldn't have to overcome:


If you can't take your car to the shop and have the system built right on the car, please, shop for NOS or NORS manufactured pipes. They are out there. Here are the NOS over the axle pipes I have for my Riviera (lower right).


It is worth the effort to find them. These benders send flat plate flanges, the bell flares tend to be too shallow, and a couple of degrees of error on each bend puts you out there with Major Tom. Stockpile, plan, and don't accept second rate stuff. I bought my Riviera when I was 29. I'll be 65 in September. There is plenty of time to do it right.


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I too bought the kit from Classic Car Exhaust on E-Bay . I installed it myself without too much drama. I was expecting that (for the price) I would have to tweak it to make it fit but wasn`t the case. It looks good, fits well,sounds nice , all for a reasonable price. For my budget, this worked for me.

Your results may vary Cheers, Scott

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