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An Opportunity too Good to Pass Up!

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While working through my NAAP scoring newsletter duties I ran across a very interesting idea that had never occurred to me! Tom Kenney, Activity Chairman for the AACA Chesapeake Region, reported from a beautiful vacation spot in Siesta Key, Florida. (Sounds like a perfect wintering spot, right?)

Tom shared with his region a trip that he and his wife took to Sarasota Florida touring historic homes and gardens. Featured at each historic home was a vintage automobile provided by area car clubs.

Wow, how's that for a great idea? We have garden tours each Spring here in Virginia. I have never thought of approaching these folks to share our antique cars and the hobby in general. Each member could have written details about their cars, plus a membership application in hand to share our hobby.

Thank about it! Something new we can do. Thanks Tom.


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Yes, Wayne, that's an excellent idea! I've seen it done before.

In one of northwestern Pennsylvania's historic oil towns, where grand

old Victorian architecture reposes quietly on beautiful tree-lined streets, the

local car club had an antique car in front of each historic house

during a house tour. It marked each house nicely for those on the tour.

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