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FS- 1940 Pontiac Woodie Station Wagon- Hemmings Magazine Cover Car- Very Original


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Woodie Station Wagon


Originally purchase and delivered to Hawaii to a Navy Lt. stationed there. The car was then relocated to San Diego where it remained through the 70's. It then made it's way to Colorado where it was utilized by a Bed and Breakfast for advertisement. The car was then purchased by a gentleman in Illinois and relocated to the Chicago area in 1985. It remained in Illinois and was purchased by a couple in 1988. It underwent a 6 year restoration where it was brought back to it's original factory color. The engine, mechanical components and most necessary items have either been rebuilt or replaced using new or NOS pieces. The wood is American Ash, Oak and African Mahogany. The body panel wood is original with the exception of the outside door panels and the inside wood on the top and rear sides. The inside door panels are all original pieces. We do have photos of the restoration in progress and before and after photos.

Though actual production numbers are hard to come by, research suggests that just 434 of these cars are thought to have been produced and less than 25 are believed to exist today. This particular car was the Hemmings Motor News Cover car for the January 2011 issue with a full write up and description. Very original and rare car that is waiting to be enjoyed.

Oakland California

Michael Bower





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Dear Mike,

I am the Illinois owner.

I can add to the history.

I purchased the car in Ouray, Co in 1984 from Gary Kunz. There was a picture in the Woodie Times that stated that when this man was traveling through Ouray, Co. he took the picture.. I could not get in touch with this man so I contacted the Ouray, Colorado Police. They knew of the Woodie and would drive over there and see if it was for sale and get his phone number. It was for sale and I purchased it for $ 1,200.00.

I traded a rough 1940 Buick 4 door to a (Goofy/Crazy) guy to transport the Woodie back to Homer Glen, Il. I thought he was going to pick up the Woodie with a Truck and trailer. Turns out he drove out from Chicago in a late 1960's Mustang to tow bar it back. Ay some point pulling the woodie through the mountains the Mustang gave out. He made the rest of the trip back to Chicago pulling the Mustang with the Woodie.

When I received the Woodie there was a large piece of metal in the driver's side rear quarter panel belt line. Through the Ouray owner I got in contact with the navy Lt. He told me that the Woodie was in Pearl Harbor during the Dec 7th, 1941 bombing and the piece of metal in the quarter panel was scrape metal from a Japanese bomb and said that he left it there because it was part of history. He sent me a letter confirming this which I sent along with the paper work to the owner's in Champaing, Il.

Sadly the Champaine Owner replaced that piece of wood and through it away ????? It was a really nice original Woodie that probably should not have been restored ?

I drove the Woodie from Homer Glen, Il. to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1987 to the Red Barn Spectacular Car Show because Woodies were the highlight car.We won the people Choice Award.

I hope this helps.

Mike Byrne

Homer Glen, Il.

These picture are of the Woodie when I got it in 1984.



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Guest mikeburch

I agree. That car should not have been restored. A lot of money was spent, that he will never recover. I think that a realistic price would be about what it was worth, before restoration.


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