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1964 Ford Thunderbird hardtop

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Now that we've got three of these 'Birds in stock, I have to say that I can see the appeal. No, they're not going to make anyone rich overnight, but I think (especially at this price) that they're a great hobby car to have in your stable. Want modern performance and comfort for those sunny days to make your drive to work more interesting? This Thunderbird is exactly the right choice. It is welcome everywhere, from cruise nights to formal shows, and nobody will believe how little you paid for it because it looks like a much more expensive car.

This one actually has an interesting story. It's a South Carolina car and was purchased by a gentleman there who spent a lot of time and money on it in preparation for a cross-country trip following Route 66. Sadly, he passed away before he could complete the car or make his pilgrimage. The car came to Ohio and is now owned by a personal friend of mine. He completed the restoration, rebuilding the 390 and Cruise-O-Matic transmission, repairing the A/C, and installing new seat covers. It's ultra-solid with no issues underneath, although there are three bubbles in the driver's side rocker panel that I believe are prep issues, not rust, given the South Carolina origins and how clean the rest of the car is. The paint is older, and while this car was originally Wimbledon White, the current Arcadian Blue looks great with the only notable blemish being a dime-sized chip that's been touched up at the leading edge of the left front fender. The chrome is a combination of re-plated and original stuff that looks great, and I personally like the contrast of the white painted top and blue bodywork. It is not a landau or a town coupe.

The interior is the original light blue color and offers new seat covers fore and aft (the rears didn't need to be replaced but in the interest of keeping the colors uniform they were replaced anyway). There are also fresh carpets on the floor, but the door panels and dash are original and in good shape. All the gauges work, the swing-away steering wheel does its thing, and everything is operational including ice cold A/C (R134a refrigerant inside), power windows, dual power seats, and a newer AM/FM/CD stereo under the dash. The trunk features brand new mats and underneath there are exactly zero stories. This is a really solid car.

The entire drivetrain was rebuilt three years ago and probably has less than 2000 miles on it, so it's fresh. The 300-horsepower 390 received a few minor upgrades, including a slightly more aggressive camshaft, but it's not like you'll notice. It still starts instantly and idles smoothly, but the owner says mid-range punch is noticeably improved. It was also detailed under the hood in correct Thunderbird Gold and reproduction decals were installed as needed. The 3-speed automatic transmission was rebuilt and the 9-inch rear was fitted with new bearings and seals. Original 3.00 gears mean that this car cruises effortlessly at 70 MPH and will do so for hours on end with the A/C cranking.

Not a show car but not priced like one, either. As I said, if you want a toy car that you can get in and drive at a moment's notice, why not this Thunderbird? Fully sorted and ready to enjoy, it's a great example of a no-worries hobby car. Asking $12,900 and we're always happy to discuss offers. Thanks!













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