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1989 maserati dashboard speakers blown

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No.l would try to get a hold of of the stock wires ,you can go through blown speakers to achieve this or run New wires and mount New slim line or dome speakers right on top of blown speakers. This can be done without removing the dash :) Nomad.

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The speaker grilles just pop off. Then you need to remove the instrument binnacle ( 4 screws ). Pop out the liitle leather wedge to the left of the binnacle to get to the left most screw and pop out the long leather wedge to the right to get to the right most screw. There are two screws under the top lip. Be careful of the odomter reset knob when removing and reinstalling the binnacle. (It's not the best fit alignment wise) You can then remove the dash trim/ defroster vents at the top of the dash to get to the speakers.

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