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Alternators for 60's and 70's Ford and GM

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I have a hand full of alternators that I acquired from a former salesman. He retired and held on to these items for a few years. He gave them to me and I have decided to get rid of them, first come, first served.

The proceeds will go to our 1927 Dodge Brothers Paddy Wagon fund. No set price has been established, but any reasonable donation to our Crime Prevention Paddy Wagon. The Paddy Wagon is used for displays, car shows. The Paddy Wagon was restored with 100% donations and is still being funded with donations.

If you are interested or have a need for an alternator for a 60's - 70's Ford or GM car, I may be able to help you. They are all new and or refurbished, never used alternators. I also have an assortment of Air Filters and some oil filters for cars of the same era.

I will post a few pictures of what I have. If you are interested, please email me.




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