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Original RIMS for 1957 Buick Special

Guest William Buick

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OK Mr. Buick: Please add to my description and correct me if I'm wrong. The 57 Buick Rim .......

has a safety lip around the part of the rim that does the 90o by the valve stem

has no vent holes

has the extra holes for the alignment pin

is 5 1/2" or 6" width

has 5 holes for the clips for the poverty hub caps

is 5 on 5 lug hole width

The 58 and 59 look the same. Are they exactly the same? 1960 have vent holes, 61-64 have no holes for the alignment pin. And...are there any number stampings that might distinguish them? Mitch

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Guest William Buick

how many, how much $ and condition.. thanks william also looking for 1940 c-46 running boards..

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