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Headlight Motor Repair Kits, Sun Visor Clips and More!

Guest Kingsley

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Guest Kingsley

Reatta Specialty Parts offers not one, but two models of headlight motor repair kits for all year models of the Reatta as well a replication of the of the OE sun visor clips for the '90 and '91 convertibles. We also sell the EZ On replacement top for the convertibles.

Every part that we sell is an improvement over the respective OE parts which are no longer available. They remedy the weaknesses the of OE parts and that is the motivation for our involvement in offering these parts.

The outstanding material qualities and warranty of the EZ On are shown on their website Convertible Top Replacement & Auto Headliners | E-Z ON Auto Tops. The parts we design and manufacture are shown on our website Reatta Specialty Parts.

Our NEW DESIGN headlight motor repair kit is designed for the owner whose main concern is to have his headlights open and close properly and last the life of his Reatta. It is priced at $56.95.

Our RETRO-FIT headlight motor repair kit is for owners who like to keep their Reatta in as original condition as possible as well as lasting the life of his car. It sells for $67.95. It is innovative as it embodies an alloy steel, CNC machined hexagonal insert which is press fit into a similarly machined cavity in the OE core. As we need OE cores for this program, we offer to buy the old core and reimburse them for their postage and handling.

Both of the repair kits include all of the nuts, washers, retainers, impact bumpers, Mobile I grease and Delrin plastic torque rollers necessary for the complete repair of the headlight motor. They are the most complete repair kits you will ever see.

Our sun visor clip is a perfect replication of the OE part and is injection molded of ABS resin in all five OE colors. The resin is colored prior to molding so the color is homogeneous and will never need paint touch up. Our purpose in doing this replication was not only to make a clip available but better than OE. The ABS resin has been modified to make it slightly flexible and eliminate their tendency to break. They sell for $64.95 and will last the life of your car.

Price discounts are offered when purchasing two or more through our website. We do sell to end users only and at a price which we consider fair and reasonable. Just as importantly, we get the satisfaction of designing and manufacturing these outstanding parts for Reatta owners.

Thanks for reading this post.


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