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FOR SALE: BOOK: AUTOMOTIVE IGNITION,STARTING,LIGHTING BY CHARLES HAYWARD<BR>1918, 1919, 1920 AMERICAN TECHNICAL SOCIETY<P>?A COMPRESENSIVE ANALYSIS OF THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT OF THE MODERN AUTOMOBILE, INCLUDING MANY WIRING DIAGRAMS AND DETAILS OF ALL THE IMPORTANT STARTING-LIGHTING SYSTEMS?<P>This 821 page book is an unbelievable resource, the index of wiring diagrams alone is 7 pages in small print, there are illustrations all over, both photos and drawings, the wiring diagrams are white line on blue page, like a blue print. It goes from elementary electrical principals to specific model and system repair. Break down pictures of switches, generators, testing equipment, etc. You name it from the early autos; it?s probably in there.<P>The book is in very good condition, a couple of loose pages at the beginning, black cloth bound, 5 ½ x 8 ½ , and over 2 inches thick. Looking at offers at or above $75.00 Email me jameslanier@edmail.com<BR>

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Can anyone give me other places where I might offer this book for sale? It is a wonderfull and usefull book and should be in the hands of someone that restores unique old cars.

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