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1936 Special progress


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I'm in the process of relocating across the country later this summer so I've been desperately trying to get the Buick ready to travel. Finally got it 90% painted and back together so I'd thought I'd post a few pictures. It's my first paint job and was done in my garage. Looks great from 20 feet just don't get any closer.




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Thanks, it really didn't turn out too bad. There are a couple of nasty runs in places. I may get brave enough and see if I can color sand them out, but that will have to wait until after the big move. The car was originally "Francis Creme", which is yellow. I saw a 1936 Ford at a car show that was this color of blue and decided I liked that color better. I'll finish it off with a red pinstripe down the side and matching red stripes on the wheels. The paint I used was from Omni (a budget line from PPG). I used their MP Series Epoxy Primer and top coated with with MTK Acrylic Urethane.


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I found your web site a few years ago when I got my '37 Special. Very inspirational, especially when I encountered a set back with my project.

I've a lot done on my rust bucket Special, I plan to post an update soon.

Where are you moving to, you said across the country?

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