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1954 Century 2 DR HT (66R) 3-speed, ‘54 Muscle


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1 hour ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:


  Believe I would have used a SMALLER one.




Do you mean you would have used one smaller dimension wise or micron filter wise? it is only 4 1/2 inches long by 1 inch diameter and that actually was one reason I chose it, not so "fat" as many and fit the area where I wanted to install it.   If you're speaking of micron filter size, it's at 100 microns and  I considered it as a prefilter for use  before the Wix one on the carb which is 74.  ???

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10 hours ago, MrEarl said:

Went ahead and replaced the currently functioning but 20 year old fuel pump with a newly rebuilt one today.  I had also purchased a new "correct with brass fittings" rubber fuel line from CARS. But after comparing it to the one that is currently on it and it being in good condition I will be returning the new one. I really didn't like the inside diameter of the new one.  I cleaned the old one and sprayed it down good with Protectant 303. Will likely outlast me.








You are right about the new replacement, but the old one is useful only for comparing fitting size.  Get some barb fittings and some new hose and put some ugly clamps to hold it if you are going to drive the car or even if you intend to store it inside.  It ain't gonna last!

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Thank you for revisiting this post and for sharing all the new pics. I really enjoy all of your insight and knowledge about Buicks. Your 54 Century is simply beautiful! The 1954 model year means a lot to me as it was the year my parents were married in Birmingham, Alabama. 







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12 minutes ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:



 You DID keep the "pancake" filter.   Didn't you?



No sir, it was the type without the bolt that allows it to be taken apart and cleaned so I had no idea what the screen inside it looked like, could have been rusted through. Since it's hidden behind the carb and the fact I don't anticipate ever showing the car for points anyway, I went with the Wix.  https://www.carid.com/wix/complete-in-line-fuel-filter-mpn-33081.html


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On 3/26/2021 at 3:26 PM, MrEarl said:

Like I said, the old boy is starting to show it’s “older restoration” with some small bb size rust bubbling popping up  especially in the rear quarters. This was a northern car so is to be expected I guess. It was undercoated when new thankfully so floors are good but inner rockers not so good. Turning into a 10 footer but tha’s fine with me. 
I don’t think I have ever posted these. 

the original dealer invoice 


Note what he traded in. 









If only these prices were still good today, I could restore a Roadmaster 



I have receipts for paint and supplies and suspect that the owner did the body work and paint. Although the finish definitely looks professional 




Looks that the original owner did not need the 15% discount on Insurance! I was a year and one month old so I don’t know if insurance was required or mandated back then.

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