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Martin Perry or Simular Windshield Frame ID


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I have had this laying around for over 10 years thinking it was from a Model A Martin Perry bodies US mail truck. Recently I found I was mistaken in it's ID. Can someone here help me ID it? Thanks Rodpost-43599-143141990033_thumb.jpg








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I do Ok on most but the coachworks type bodies were all pretty simular. Martin Perry and a hand full of others really muddy the waters for me. I have done good with the early 30's Chevy stuff and the typical Ford stuff, but this one really has me baffled as to which direction to look first. After finding out it was not from the Martin Perry bodied Model a mail truck, my next thought was Elgin, since there was a dealer close by where this was purchased. I did not see any of pic's of them that made me persue that thought any further. Rod

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