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Question on Requesting the scoring sheets summary?


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The following is for the G/N Meet just held in Moline IL.

I know in Class Judging you can request a summary of your scoring sheet from the VP/Class Judging showing the areas of deduction for your car following a meet. I have just sent my request in to Hulon McCraw. I'm sure he is real busy now with the requests. My Question:

What is the normal turn around time to get the request? Thanks in Advance-Larry

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Larry, I was with Hulon on the Tour in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago. I was complaining (don't I always?) about the number of e-mails I get during the day. (30-40 for each of 3 email addresses) Hulon looked over at me and said he wished he only got that many in 1/2 a day.:D Suffice to say, he is a busy man. I'd expect a 2 week or less turnaround time, don't hold me to it though. He will get to you eventually, although he does still have a day job. ;) Wayne

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