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Does anyone have a list of the options available for 32 olds patrician, I would also like to know a source for paint for that year, there are plenty on the web, but the samples are so dark, you can't really tell the true color

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For starters, there was a choice of 5- or 6-wheel equipment. 5-wheel equipment included 5 wire or demountable painted wood wheels, 4 black side wall tires and tubes. The spare tire and tube was available at extra cost.

6-wheel equipment included 6 wire or demountable painted wood wheels, 6 black side wall tires and tubes, hold-down clamps, locks and trunk platform.

Demountable natural finished wood wheels were available at extra cost with either 5- or 6-wheel equipment. Other wheel options were: white side wall tires, wheel trim rings, and snap-on chrome spokes (for wire wheels). Metal tire covers were available in black, or in body color, with 1 or 2 chrome bands. All chrome tire covers were also available.

All cars were equipped at the factory with front and rear bumpers, at an extra $20 charge.

Additional accessories were:

electric clock

30-hour header board clock

spring covers (coupes, roadster, sedan)

spare wheel lock

radiator cap lock

spot light

dirigible light

"Flash-A-Lite" (stop lamp signal)

tire mirror (metal cover type)

radiator grille

sun visor (right hand)

Draft Deflectors (shatterproof)

Trunk (4-door sedan, 2-door sedan, coupe, roadster)

hinge mirror

Oldsmobile tire gauge

wire wheel cover hub "Snap Gards"

luggage - 4-door sedan - 1 or 2 pieces

Some of these accessories were available in groups.

Safety glass was also available.


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Thanks Paul

I know that most guys paint their Patrician's green, but I like the colors that are on the roadsters and convertibles, would it be completely wrong to paint it with one of those colors? I know its my car and can paint it any color I want, I know olds had options for colors but didn't see any for roadster or conv. colors to be put on closed cars

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