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NOS RH fender molding to what car?


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I have an NOS fender molding I picked up and haven't been able to ID it. I ran it through several parts books and programs and came up empty. There is no DDCP logo so it's not for a Mopar product unless it's an aftermarket piece. It has a prominent Shape and looks like it would mount on the side of a Right Hand fender. It's about 25 and 1/2 inches long and chrome plated dieCast. It has a parts tag I don't really recognize with the number 1320071. I ran this number through every book I could think of, looking up Nash Hudson Packard all the GM divisions, Studebaker I didn't bother with Ford as it's not a Ford Number. The number cast on the molding is T 31854 R with a Shamrock after it which I assume is the companies trademark. It is stamped made in the USA so it's domestic. The part number most closely resembles late 1930's Buick numbers, mid 1950's Studebaker numbers and Mopar numbers from the early 1950's. Any ideas?post-43003-143141978402_thumb.jpg





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