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Steering Wheel help?


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:confused: Two weeks ago I jumped into a thread (my first time on this forum) posted a year or so ago about help identifying the car to which a "Sheller #2" banjo wheel belongs. That one had the center of the hub cut out. I also have a "Sheller #2, in pretty nice shape, but in talking to many people, both in wheel restoration and antique boats (and here, on this forum), I am still waiting for someone to give me a positive id. (Mine is not a Ford--it doesn't have a keyway).

In the meantime, a friend said he recently saw an article in one of the old car magazines about nothing but antique steering wheels.

Anyone out there know when and where this article was published? Or who wrote it?

Many thanks for any tips.


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Since posting the original request I have found that I have a fairly unique and mysterious wheel. I saw a "Sheller 2-3" posted on eBay recently as a '37 Ford, and indeed it looked like one. Jim Donaldson, of JBDonaldson in Phoenix, AZ, just restored for me a '38 Packard banjo wheel. He's restored hundreds of steering wheels, and has never seen this "Sheller 2", nor have any of his contacts. He's never seen brown plastic on a '37 Buick banjo, only ivory, although this one looks like a '37 Buick.

Somebody out there must be able to give me a positive id, but I have yet to hear from them. The antique boat people are also mystified (or at least not responding), although it is true that Sheller made wheels that ended up on boats. Donaldson also told me today that Chris Craft put just about any wheel made on its boats.

Again, what's unique about this wheel are the raised darts in the plastic: at the spoke joints (3) each, and in between the spoke joints (3) each. It has a 5/8 hole at top with 40 splines; a 3/4 inch hole on the back side. No keyway. 3.5 inch horn button insert; 4.75 hub at top; 18 inch diameter overall.

Please, can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,


ps If you just want to buy it, and don't want to tell me what it belongs on, that's fine too. As you can see from the pictures, it's in nice shape. Really nice shape. One hairline crack on the back of the rim; minor pitting in the chrome hub; and a few dings on the back from a moron with a hammer. Let me know and we can negotiate.

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