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ROA members Driving Tour 06/26/13 Through Parts of Lexington (short film)


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Hi folks,

On Wed., 06/26/13 some of the ROA members went on a driving tour in and around Lexington, KY during the ROA Meet. I had a small camcorder, and placed it on my dash on the driver's side of my red '66 Riviera GS to try and capture the tour. Traffic was a bit tight getting through traffic intersections, so the group was often split up in travel. There were three cars ahead of me I as I followed the beige '65 Riviera GS owned by James "Bob" Reed from NC. THis is only the second attempt at using the camera, so please excuse the quality. The clip is about 13 minutes long. It will give you a little idea of what the route was like, and the lead car did a great job of figuring out where most of the turn offs were in this tricky path. The video is just as you see it with the background music coming from the am/fm stereo inside my '66 Riviera that was on at the time. It made for a "sweet dream" of memories. There were about 5-6 Rivs behind of which I could not film as I was the only person in the car. Here is the link on YouTube.com (this is my first attempt at YouTube videos.)

Riviera Owners Association 2013 Meet Driving Tour Lexington, KY 062613 mpg - YouTube


Barry Smith ROA #1481


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Cool video!

I was also in the caravan, well, sort of.... Seems the first several cars out of the hotel (which I was one) took the first turn in the wrong direction. So, the front of the pack disintegrated immediately with teams heading in all directions trying to find their way. I followed someone who thought they knew the way but after several miles of beautiful horse farms and such, I turned around and headed back. For me, I really wanted to be in the caravan. Those are so neat. It would have been nice if the lead car knew the directions.

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