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1931 model 66 parts needed

Rich Morton

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Hi all.I just received a call from a gentleman who has a "31 Model 66 Sport coupe and he is looking for parts.Mainly he is in need of fenders and running boards.If anyone has any parts, if you would please message me or post here I would certainly appreciate it.He is located in North East Ohio. I was not aware of any vendors,so if you know of any for this car,I would like to pass that on as well.Thanks in advance for any help.Rich Morton

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I have a pair of front sidemount fenders for a 1930 Buick 60 series car but these would only be compatible with the 80 and 90 series cars in 1931. I don't know what modifications would be necessary to make them work with a 1931 60 series. He may be able to use a set of fenders from a 1930 40 series car out of the box.

With respect to the running boards his best bet is to make his own. That is basically what everyone does anyway as they are actually wood (hence the term running boards) and anything that survived this long would generally not be something he would want to put on his car. The correct running board trim for a 1931 Buick can be obtained at:

Running Board Metal Trim


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