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I think this is a 1926 or 1927 Cadillac. Can anyone confirm?


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I'm certain you are right about it being a Cadillac. I owned the near identical car back in the 70s, except mine had disc wheels. It was a 27 "314" (the engine size) although it was sold to me as a 26 and may well have been made at the end of '26. The body had a "Fisher Custom Body" tag on it. At the time, I was told the only obvious difference between the 26 and 27 cars was the dash board.

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Emma Winters ? Sorry , I never had the pleasure. Do not know her specific Cadillac either. However it is definitely a 1927 Fisher Custom Series. Pictured here you see a '27 sedan , and a '26 roadster. You should be able to see how '26 Cadillacs uniquely carried external toolboxes and battery boxes set into the front fenders on cars with rear mounted spares. One year only. Earlier and later Cadillacs had the 'boxes inside doors on the aprons as the subject car , and my shown '27 have. I stumbled across this old thread , and responded , hoping someone will now see it and have info for Rick'. - Carl



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