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1967 acadian 6 cylinder poiwerglide trans mounts

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I just got a 1967 acadian 6 cyl powerglide trans.it has been modified with a short heavier output shaft, some kind of aftermarket kit?. there is no tailshaft cone, just a thick aluminium plate bolted on and the tail shaft is flush with this, the trans is very short. the problem is there is no mount now at back? only tabs at side of trans,are these mount points? or do i make a plate to bolt on to rear of trans, aftermarket mount kit available? i intend to connect the powerglide to a dana 20 transfer case direct (no drive shaft) using a double cardon u joint, i need to know if a 3 degree angle is OK instead of straight inline bolt up, there is a slip joint joke at trans. this is connected to the double cardon joint, then a u joint to connect to transfer case.

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