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Former very old AMC dealer in MA, Closing for good. Tools and signs for sale

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Michaud's Garage, in Amesbury, Ma., is closing after several decades of selling Jeep, land Rover, Nash, and AMC's.

For sale are many special tools, shop supplies , and Automobile Memorabilia. AMC sign available for purchase, $1000. Sign is a Lighted AMC Motors 12 feet x 2 feet x 10 inches wide. I will post some pics of tools and sign.Notice the brand new set of engine rebuilding tools that have never been used for AMC. There is a Land rover Differential spreading tool, a type of hand lath that would clamp to a vice could be to seat early valves, or shave a commutator? There is tons of stuff at real bargain prices. If you need tools, there are 3 generations of them. Prentise Vise, seal pushers, Just call Phil M-F to speak to the owner. The pics of the engine tools did not load, if needed email me and I'll send some others. Call Phil at Michauds for more info








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Benefits of AACA Membership.

6 year old post with no follow up.  I would be surprised if the building is still even in existence much less the contents. 

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