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Value? How many? 1949 Buick Road Master Wagon

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I have a 1949 Buick Road master Wagon, that is in need of full restoration. Wood there but needs replacing. Engine tight, some rust, back bumper bent. It is complete - all parts - including fender skirts - my questions:

1. What is it worth - I have someone wanting to buy it.

2. How many titled, in process of restoration, or just sitting ect?

3. How do you post a picture?

Thanks - new to AACA

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I love woodies and I love '49 Buicks. Can't help you with survivor figures except to say that about 1% of most car models survive more than 50 or 60 years. No clue whether that rate is higher for woodies because they're so interesting or lower because they tend to rot away faster than steel cars.

As for value, I've got to say Not Much, sorry. Project cars needing a lot of work have not kept pace in value with restored cars in the past five years. The cost of restoration is just so high that no one wants to pay much for the "cores". So although a tired but complete running car like yours, which needs work, can fetch $40,000, a basket case could go for just $5000. If your car is anywhere close to being made drivable, you really should make the effort and even spend a couple of thousand to do so, before trying to sell it. On the other hand, if the body is just a pile of kindling, having a running chassis might not improve your return by much.

Here's how to post pictures. First, load the photos to your Desktop, to make them easy to find. Jpgs work best and they should be less than 200KB in size. Pdfs can work too but they have to be smaller files. (Downsizing files varies from system to system and I can really only advise on that if you're working on a Mac.)

From the thread you want to be in, hit Post Quick Reply, then Go Advanced. Scroll down to Miscellaneous Options and hit Manage Attachments. Pick Add Files, then Select Files. Find your Desktop then pick the photo file or files that you want. Hit Upload Files and, when that's completed (a few seconds usually), hit Done.

Hit Preview Post to make sure the photo is right and then check that you're finished writing the accompanying message. Finally, hit Submit Reply.

There are always new glitches to trip up someone trying this for the first few times, so keep posting questions if you need to. I'll try to check in and answer you as best I can. I do want to see photos of your wagon, especially if it's showing its innards. I enjoy seeing how these old beauties were built.

Plucked off Google Images, just because it's gorgeous...


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Inside shop now, looking for parts and or Donor 4 door rust free. Would like to save this. I have a buyer , but don't know what to ask for it? Want to know if his offer is reasonable. If not I'll try my best to put it back on the road.

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Looks like a complete car, with all the wood there for patterns. That's a very good thing.

There is a '49 Super on these forums that may still be available for some sweat equity, depending on where you're located. The owner was shipping a similar car to Australia and needed someone to pull some parts off a parts car, which would be "free" to whoever who would do the work. I'll try to find that thread and link you to it. You might very well need a Roadmaster parts car, though, if you're looking for drivetrain parts and other stuff ahead of the windshield.

Here's that thread - http://forums.aaca.org/f117/1949-buick-super-4dr-free-sort-349426.html The car is in N. Carolina.

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Your pictures don't show the wood very well, could you add some more, rear shots?

I have an almost full set of 49 wood, good for patterns, or possibly restorable, depending on how far you want to go.

In 1949, 1,830 Super & 632 Roadmaster Estate Wagons were produced, and Rob's assessment of 1% survival is probably right on. Mike

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Mike you got my interest going again. When I get back to the home town where I have it stored Ill take some pictures of the back. The C pillars? I think that's what there called One side gone , the other there but in tough shape. I do want to save this car and appreciate your willingness to help. Some one wants to buy it, but I'm keeping it. They say its not yours until you work on it. Always can sell it, Want to have some enjoyment putting back on the road. 49 wood for patterns or restorable - YES much interested. Will post pictures later this week. Thanks for the reply Mike! I responded to your post in Me and my Buick also a while back. Talk to you soon.


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Great news, Tom, I agree with you immensely on your statement: "They say its not yours until you work on it."

I have a 1949 Super here I am finishing for a friend.

Some wood was made by the previous owner, who unfortunately died midway through.

He made the rear quarters, but when I made the front & rear door wood, it didn't match up to his makings.

I rechecked my makings to the original wood and it is correct, within reason, but his didn't seem to pass in that regard.

So I need to remake his rear quarter wood, still trying to figure out exactly how many pieces.

He never finished the upper tailgate, or liftgate, and made most of the lower one, but at this point I am not very confident in his work.

Don't get me wrong, it looked fine when it arrived, but if things don't line up, it can get away really quickly.

His rear quarters turned out to be off, so perhaps all the rear wood is, also.

I can send you the door wood anytime, since I am done with it, and confident it is fine.

I mean all the frames for all 4 doors.

That will keep you busy, believe me, and I will keep you appraised on how to tackle this endeavor.

You can contact me:

By email at: mikesoldecars@yahoo.com

By phone: 661 766 9141

I live in my shop, so the phone # is good 24-7...unless I am sleeping!! LOL A rare thing!!

Cheers, Mike

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Thanks Mike for keeping in touch. Have been busy wiring the new addition to my garage space - more room for enjoyment and challenge. not on ACCA forums much - but need to get going on the woody! I've also been working on my 1919 Dodge Coupe - which has its share of WOOD! Any way I jotted down your phone# and e-mail address again - hopefully not misplacing it like last time. Of and on I have been looking for a wood duplicator like yours - looks like the company that builds these is a state connected to Minnesota. Wish I was close to meet you in person. Thanks again for your offer in helping me get started on the 49. When I complete the shop addition (in floor heat) which is needed here! 49 wagon stored at my brothers pole building covered up. Will be transporting it my way next spring. He lives 3 hours from my house. I was thinking about the wagon and got back on the Forum to see if I was able to find your e-mail address and phone number. Success!

Thanks again Mike!


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Hi Tom,

I am back making some good progress on the 49 here, and can release any wood patterns you need in a week or so. All our woodwork is working out, and will be completed by next weekend.

I added some pics (not the best, but OK at this point) with lots of sawdust on the dark green paint...that happens when fitting wood!!

(As an aside, I believe you can right-click on a given pic, and open it in a new tab, allowing you to enlarge, to see details.)

I could have blown the sawdust off, but I enjoy seeing it there, it shows the major efforts required to fit the wood!!

It is important to make the front door wood match the rear door wood where they meet, and the rear door to the rear quarter wood, in all directions.

This was the hardest task, all else is downhill after that!!

We will work on the tailgate & lift gate this week, as the sides are almost done (95%).

After Thanksgiving, we'll start on the varnishing task, and I'll post some pics of that as it progresses.

Try to keep warm, as winter is headed your way...it hit here last week!!


Cheers, Mike






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Thanks, Keith, We will be feverishly starting a 1953 Super, hopefully later this week.

We want to complete it in the next 2 months.

The paint is the original factory paint, so it is not so pretty, but it appears to have no damage or repairs, and the doors fit well.

The owner wants to redo all but the wood, so we will make, fit & varnish the all new wood, then ship it with the wood off.

A new venture!! But looking forward to it!!

We will post pics as it progresses, Mike

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