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1923 Olds Wheel Bearings For Leif H

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This is for Leif,

I have not been on the forums in a long time, and tried posting a reply directly to your post on '23 olds bearings, but kept getting errors, then I tried send private message did not work, not sure what the h--- is going on, I seem to have all necessary permissions. Anyway......

I have a 1939 Hollander Interchnage Book which covers Olds back to 1924, there is section 1924-1927 which makes no differentiation bewteen models or cylinders. Here are numbers and manufacturers Front Inner 909002 (New Departure, SKF and Norma Hoffma), 10002 (Fafnir), #2(MRC (Marlin Rockwell Co), CJB (Ahlberg Bearing Co), F002 (Federal); Front Outer 909001 (New Departure, SKF and Norma Hoffma), 10001 (Fafnir), #1(MRC (Marlin Rockwell Co), CJB (Ahlberg Bearing Co), F001 (Federal).

Maybe these numbers will be a starting point. These are ball bearing types.

Just as note the 23 Buick 4 cylinder uses 909004 Inner and 909003 outer (N.D. SKF and Norma) for other bearing manufactures above replace the last or single digit with 3 or 4

Good Luck

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