1929 Chevrolet International - 4 Door Sedan Project

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Gasket Question:

there are 3 gaskets in the horn

1- Two of the same shape, size, & material: one on each side of the diaphragm. One was destroyed on removal, the other one came out in one piece. this is great so that i can replicate and make 2 new ones.  what MATERIAL should they be made out of ??  they look like a paper material. I was thinking of using Fel-Pro Karropak but how thick ?? 1/16 or 1/32 or 1/64 ??

2- Gasket between the Mounting Plate with the Electronics & Motorand the rear cap. This one came out whole, but was rolled, looks to be rubber like, black in color. can i use a thin rubber material to make the gasket or what material would be best here.

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Decided to go with some karropak via Fel-Pro at 1/64" thick. this should suffice for the paper gaskets. At least give it a try.

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As you know I have been tearing down my engine, painting pieces and parts. I am now ready to start work on the Manifold Assemblies. I laid it  out on the bench for disassembly and pictures. this way I have some before and after.


Manifold Assembly
Manifold Assembly 01
Manifold Assembly 02
Manifold Assembly 03
Manifold Assembly 04
Manifold Assembly 05
Manifold Assembly 06
Manifold Assembly 07
Manifold Assembly 08 

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Prime & Paint Question for Intake Manifold

I am going to blast it to bare metal, Should I Prime and Paint or Just Paint ??

Going to Paint it using TFS Engine Paint that i have for doing the engine as well.

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Got my Exhaust Manifold All Primed up.
I am using the  KBS Coatings Xtreme Temperature Zinc Primer, goes on smooth and clean. Following Directions from KBS, I applied 2 light coats of the Primer.


Exhaust All Primed Up:
Exhaust Manifold Primed 01
Exhaust Manifold Primed 02
Exhaust Manifold Primed 03
Exhaust Manifold Primed 04


Have to say with the Primer on it looks REALLY NICE and CLEAN !!

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Next was Top Coat, this is the KBS Coatings Xtreme Temperature Paint, I decided to go with Jet Black, I know, I know it is NOT correct, but I like how SHARP it looks and the contrast against the Chevrolet Grey Engine color, plus will go nicely with all the BLACK Accessories on the Engine. YES, they make a Cast Iron Gray As well that many of you may like to make it look like RAW Metal.   KBS Xtreme Temperature Coating Colors 

Exhaust All Painted Up:
Exhaust Manifold Painted 01
Exhaust Manifold Painted 02
Exhaust Manifold Painted 03
Exhaust Manifold Painted 04


I like the way it looks, have to say I am pretty impressed with the outcome so far.


Now let it dry for 8 hours then will heat cure per instructions to FULLY CURE the product. Supposed to withstand temps up to 1200 F once it is fully cured.  Will see how it works and how long it will last. 

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Make Horn Gaskets

made the 2 Paper Gaskets using Fel Pro 1/64 Thick Karropak Material, the Rubber Gasket out of Fel Pro 1/32 Thick Rubber-Fiber Material.

Horn Gaskets

Using my Hole Punch, & X-acto Knife, also digitize the templates so i have them for future use, like all my gaskets !! 

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Test & Tune


Klaxon 8C Horn Test

Should be a Short video of Horn Working

[color:#FF0000]!! There should be a PLAY button in top right hand corner !![/color]


When dissembled I loosened the adjust screw until the motor turned freely by hand with out resistance or clicking the diaphragm. when completely assembled i turned the adjust knock a few clicks at a time until the horn was at its loudest and not dragging or stalling the motor.

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well in looking through my parts i noticed that my Clutch Adjusting Eye Bolt was bent, and some of the threads are gone, even chasing them did not cure the issue. Hard to get nut to go passed a certain point.


Stock Clutch Adjusting Eye Bolt


So i went on a venture to find a replacement, which none to be had, so I had to make one !!


I looked at standard Eye Bolts, noting that the stock one is 3/8-16. Found several options but the eyes were all too large. The stock eye is about 5/8" dia, the ones I found were either .90" or 1.00" diameter. Also the stock eye bolts on the shelf were NOT fully threaded. Then I stumbled across what I needed in the way of a 3/8-16 turnbuckle !! they are completely threaded and have 3/8-16 threads along with a 5/8" diameter eye, granted they are closed.


3/8-16 x 16 Turnbuckle
They have a 10" & 16" turnbuckle, went with the 16" as the screws were long enough, the 10" screws are shorter than the stock, 16" are longer than stock but can always cut them to length.


Stock Bolt beside Turnbuckle Bolt
Stock Bolt over Turnbuckle Bolt


Marked up Turnbuckle Bolt using Stock Clutch Bolt as a Guide, then Used my Angle Grinder to trim and cut to length, then filed to clean up threads and edges.

New Clutch Bolt Cut & Trimmed


New Clutch Bolt vs Stock Clutch Bolt
Stock besides New Clutch Bolt
Stock LayOver New Clutch Bolt


Ready for Install
New Clutch Adjusting Eye Bolt COMPLETE

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Your original bent eyebolt does not look original to me.  It might be a grade 2 homemade eye? 


I could be wrong, but I will look at my 29.  I did work on the clutch and adjustment a month ago, and I do recall it was an open hook like what you made.

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