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Chuck Heinitz

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Anyone know how to fix the convertible top pull down motoe, or how to do it manually? I have locked it manually but still not all the way down. Thanks.Chuck

Hey Chuck,

If your top is out of synch the owners manual has the instructions you need, or you could be stuck on a motor dead spot, or you could have electrical trouble, or you could have a broken gear/housing.

You have the back latched and it won't pull down tight and I remember reading your post where you tried to pull down back of top with front latched? Big question is how bad is the motor broken? Do you hear the motor run when you push the switch?

If you apply gentle pressure to the back edge of the top and push the switch to unlatch the top, does the top latch pop and the motor run? Can you feel it lift? Can you hear it click when it reaches limit? If it goes up will it go down if you then latch the rear and apply gentle pressure to the back of the top while you press the switch?

Need to separate the electrical from the mechanical and when you do there are already several excellent posts here on how to proceed when you know which direction you need to go. If you find a broken gear or housing don't panic, GM used this as a trunk pull down for many years on the big luxury cars and the odds of pulling one from a yard that has a bad gear or housing are slim.

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