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Radiator emblems for sale

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Radiator Emblems:

Peerless tall oval $225.00

Peerless eagle $65.00

Oakland (this may be a Pulfer repro but I've yet to see another around - being sold as-is) $125.00

Cadillac V8 headlight bar badge backing plate only $75.00

Cadillac shield (stud & pin removed from back) $30.00

Cadillac V8 painted rectangle $55.00

Cadillac - very early un-enameled badge with 9-dot crown & swans in crest $45.00

Dodge shield $75.00

Chrysler round -SOLD

Chrysler ribbon $40.00

DB coin from 1927 hood ornament SOLD TO FRANCE

Essex Super 6 - note areas painted in $25.00

Graham Brothers $20.00

Lincoln hubcap disc $20.00

LaSalle hubcap disc 2 back tabs missing $20.00

Porsche one mounting pin missing $20.00

Dodge $25.00

Hudson Super Six bumper badge $20.00

Studebaker Dictator body badge $15.00

Rambler - this is a very early 1900's tag with the number A37 hand stamped on it -SOLD

Esso keychain $10.00

PRR employee badge $40.00

Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Corp Employee badge - SOLD

Custom Built Fisher Body tag $45.00

Hudson Built body tag $35.00

Nash Seaman Bodies tag $35.00

Chrysler body tag -SOLD

Graham Brothers body tag $35.00

Fisher oval tag $10.00

Murray body tag (studs missing) $15.00

Brockway Auto Camiones (motor trucks) lapel pin - SOLD TO FRANCE

1920's Lincoln dealership advertising badge $30.00

Hartmann Trunks badge $30.00

Highly detailed hollow brass stamping of an early brass car with passengers - unknown piece $25.00

Nash cast bronze dealership advertizing badge $35.00

All prices are PLUS shipping from zip 04981 Maine. $6.00 for a small priority flat rate box will get most any of this stuff delivered anywhere in the lower 48 - Overseas is wicked costly, but would be at cost to ship anywhere

Please call 207-323-8994 with questions - leave a message and I will return it (I don't answer at work)

Or you can take your chances by replying here, using a PM thru this site, or e-mail thru the site, but calling is best...






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Club / organization radiator badges as shown:

NAA $25.00

Knights of Columbus $20.00

ALA brass background $25.00

ALA White background $25.00

Reading PA AAA $30.00 (note enamel damage)

American Legion $20.00 (note enamel damage)

License plate toppers:

Shriners $30.00

AAA National Award $25.00

AAA 50th anniversary award $50.00

State Farm Mutual Insurance $15.00




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And finally,

Ontario Canada chauffeur licensed driver badges from 1919 thru 1926 - 8 badges total with one or two small areas of missing enamel - the nut is missing from the 1925 badge and it's stud is loose from the back all for $175.00


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Here are pictures of front & back of both - shipping within the US 48 would be $6.00 - the Rambler measures ~1-1/2" x 3-1/8" and was soldered to something at some time - the Kelsey badge is 1-1/2" diameter and marked by Bastian Bros. Thanks for your interest, Mark





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