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2000-2003 Regal chrome 16x7 wheels......


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I have finally found some wheels that I personally think look better than the factory stock 5-blade 15in ones. They look to be the same ones that NCReatta and KDirk have on their vehicles that they have on their forum pages. I think mine came from an early 2??? year Regal. Theyre 16x7. Im not a big shiny wheel fan but these wheels I got are nearly flawless! Their only shortcoming is the previous owner put the balancing weights on the outside lip of the rims! I hit one wheel with my Mothers buffing ball and WOW what a difference it made!!! My question is when it comes to 16in rims....what size and brand tire is going to look the best? Im not looking to put anything smaller than a 60 sidewall. Id like to go with a wider 225/60-16 tire if there wont be any clearance/rubbing issues. Ideas?

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I have Bridgesone Potenza RE92 21560R16 on my 88 with these rims, which are 16x6.5, not 16x7. They fit, look and drive/handle quite well. They are, however rather expensive tires. I only have these as I got three for free from an uncle who had them stored after removing them from an Infinity he owned and sold while it still had snow tires on it. The three I got were in near new shape, so I bought a fourth one (almost $200 from tire-rack) and put them on the 16" wheel when I decided to ditch the stock 15" 5 spokes. These have 2+ years and about 7500 miles on them now. The 3 previously used ones are still decent at this point.

I'm sure others here will have other suitable (and probably less costly) suggestions.


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This tire size thing has been discussed at length..... you can do a search and find more.

using www.powerdog.com see the numbers below. The first size was used on the 1988-1990 Reatta, the next the 16" used on the 1991 Reattas. The others are options, all will work, note the revs per mile and speed difference. one mile/hour error on you speedometer is acceptable. The sizes shown are the one referred to above, I threw in the 245/55 because I had them on one car with no problems.

Tire size results

Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revolutions Speedometer Odometer Difference

215/65-15 5.5" 13.0" 26.0" 81.7" 776/mi 60MPH 10000mi N/A

215/60-16 5.1" 13.1" 26.2" 82.2" 771/mi 60MPH 9941mi 0.6%

225/55-16 4.9" 12.9" 25.7" 80.9" 783/mi 61MPH 10101mi -1.0%

225/60-16 5.3" 13.3" 26.6" 83.7" 757/mi 59MPH 9765mi 2.4%

235/55-16 5.1" 13.1" 26.2" 82.2" 770/mi 60MPH 9934mi 0.7%

245/55-16 5.3" 13.3" 26.6" 83.6" 758/mi 59MPH 9772mi 2.3%

255/30-20 3.0" 13.0" 26.0" 81.8" 775/mi 60MPH 9992mi 0.1%

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I been using 225x60x16 Michelins on factory 16x7x46 wheels for over a decade. They are about the tallest tire that will clear the front spring tower. 16x7x38 wheels may rub the fender liner on full lock.

ps though GM went mostly to 16x6.5 wheels at the millenium.

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