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Great Race with 5563


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Just had the third person come up and ask me if I was Richard Rawlings from the Gas Monkey Garage (Discovery Channel "Fast and Loud")


Tell them your from the AUSTIN version of the show, set to air next year. Then sign their autograph book. Thank them and SMILE really big!

Reckon it's those RED sneakers?

That wasn't a "fun" smile, that was a "Look what I DID!" smile.

Take care and keep up the GREAT work for everybody involved!


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They won the Sportsman class today.

There are $150k worth of prizes at the end.

$50k to the Grand Champion. Other cash to other categories.

At day four, one team was under ten seconds off of perfect. That is how tight the "pros" are to perfect.

Changed the plugs tonight, added oil, etc. A new friend came up and I was bragging that I was finally working on Pre-War Buicks. He said " We all need to grow up sometime."


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If you run across a restored red and white 57 Ford Fairlane, say hello from Kansas. That car was built and restored by the guys at McPherson College just down the road from Wichita. They do very good work, thats the school that our own Pete Phillips graduated from. So be nice from the guys from Kansas, we are tough bunch.

Post some more photos, even if they are not Buicks, those cars on the Great Race are usually unique


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You need to have an engineering degree to be able to figure that out, and I don't have one ;)

This morning, they start at 7 from Covington, La, and race to the finish line in Mobile, Al. The first car is scheduled to arrive in Mobile at 2.

More news later after the race....

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I'm home in Texas Road Warrior fashion. I left Mobile at 7 am yesterday morning and got home around 6 last night. Thoroughly exhausted.

Irene and Barry Jason won the Race in their 1935 Ford five window coupe. They won it last year also. Dynasty? ;)

I don't have the actual scores in front of me, so I am going by what my tired brain remembers. After 9 days and 2,200 miles I believe they had around a 14 second time. Remember, a zero would be perfect. Astonishing.

The Pats came in around 23rd (?, plus or minus). As they say, "To finish is to win".

Out of 99 cars that started, 80 made it across the finish line. That's pretty darn good if you ask me, after the brutal weather we encountered. If it wasn't pouring buckets of rain, it was 98 degrees and 100% humidity. Shoot, I was driving the support truck with AC and I still changed my shirts three times a day.

The camaraderie on this event was unbelievable. Everybody was so friendly, I'm sad for it to be over. Well....maybe not sad, but I'll miss them. Bar none, this was the most fun car event that I have ever been a part of. I'm trying to think of a way to participate with Woody somewhere down the line.

I handed out buttloads of business cards, so hopefully Midtown will get some work out of all of this :D

I am not a picture taking guy. I prefer to live the experience (plus I'm lazy), so there aren't as many pictures as have been requested. I will look through and see if I have any more of interest. I DO have one I would like to share. You think I had a smile changing the tire? Check this out:

Which toggle starts the fuel pump?


I got it started!


Before my solo drive being cool:


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Pretty smooth tires on that 37.

You'd think Corky could figure out a way to replace them ;)

His racing slicks were great for screaming into the finish line, but amusing to watch them trying to get it onto their trailer when the streets were wet.

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After the awards ceremony, everyone convened to the bar. Well, everyone I wanted to hang out with.


This is a terrible picture quality, but some other folks are sending me a better version of Hal from Honest Charley's. I just wanted a picture taken with my man-crush "Hollywood" before he got famous on Corky's new TV show "Barn Finds".


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We are moving down the road trying to get home. I will post more details about our "performance" (or lack thereof) in a couple of days. Right now we need to keep on moving to get home to Oregon.

Mike was great! Glad he had a good time........


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