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1928 Dictator wood spoke wheels: adjusting

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Looking for someone who has a car with wood spokes of same vintage:1928 My car does pretty good at speeds under 30 mph, but really gets shaking at higher speeds. I am sure it is coming from the wheels as have had several people tell me the rear wheel looks to be wobbling as they follow me down the street. Is there a way of adjusting the rim/tire and wheel? I have checked the bearings and they appear to be fine. No "play" from top to bottom test. Someone has suggested loosing the rim nuts and placing a hammer upright at the wheel and spinning it until it appears to be equally rotating. I guess this is how truckers put their tires on their rigs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not too many guys left who know how to do these things. Would love to learn how and be able to pass it on.

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