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1956 Tbird lower control arms

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Oldguy, are you sure you need lower control arms, or just the bushings? The reason I ask is that the T-Bird part suppliers don't seem to carry them and unless yours are really rusty they would hopefully be okay. The good news is that those parts are the same ones used on the 55-56 Ford, so it shouldn't be too hard to get them. Good Luck!

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Well, that's an important bit of info. Makes the supply much greater. I'm accumulating pieces to replace all the front end parts, including Lincoln spindles with disk brakes. I already have a set of upper arms, and if I can find some lowers I'll be able to beadblast and powdercoat all the pieces and just do a swap. That way the car isn't on stands for a month while all the bits get pretty. Thanks for the tip.

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