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New Convertible Owner

Don B.

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Tell us about your new Reatta. A red/tan convertible could be ordered with a tan, white or black top......most came with tan.

There were only two extra cost options on the convertible, the 16 way seat option and the single disc CD player.

If you want to post the vin number with the above info in your car, I will add it to the Reatta database which is located at www.reatta.net

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Hi Barney,

Top is tan, has CD player, molding maches body color.

I'm told this is one of the cars from the member in Massachusetts.

Don't know about the seats, no controls on the side of the seat, just the door. They are the same as in an '88?

She needs some work and parts, antenna, visor clip,rear speakers, just to start.

Last 4 of VIN 8386.

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Guest steveskyhawk

1990 Reatta convertibles were also offered with cloth tops and the pinstripe could be deleted at no extra cost.

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