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Seat Upholstery for 31 Lincoln

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My 31 Lincoln Series K is a Judkins 2-window Berline. The Judkins information says that the upholstery is "Laidlaw #L780Z"; it is a gray broadcloth. I want to repair or replace the front seat and seat back because they are ripped, but the rear seat is in excellent original condition and I would like to keep it. Can anyone help in finding a matching material for the front seats? How could I access the Judkins (or Laidlaw) records? Any information would be appreciated.


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Have you requested samples from Hirsch? His stuff is pricey but he does have a good selection of early fabrics. Remember too that it's going to be very difficult to get an exact match, as older material has aged, faded, and so forth, so even the identical material may not be an exact match.

I'm not aware of any reference that could match the Laidlaw L780Z to a current fabric.....good luck with it....

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