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Big SEMA Rally in Washington, DC!

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SEMA is sponsoring a E-15 "Fuel for Thought" Rally tomorrow (6-19-13) on the Capital Mall in Washington, DC. The American Motorcycle Association along with members of the AACA will participate on the Mall from 9:30 until 12:30 pm. We will also have a ride-around the Mall at around 10:30am. If you happen to be in the area, please give as a thumbs-up as we pass by in our Antique cars. There will some Legislators addressing everyone about this legislature and why it needs to be opposed. AACA President, Tom Cox, will also address our group tomorrow. Wayne

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The Day After!

Yes, the Tea Party folks made the news yesterday, but it wasn't that we were not there too. Here are a few pictures of some of our people and the beautiful Mall that was showcasing the Capital Building.

Here is the AACA group that was still on the Mall after our lunch. You may recognize a few present and former AACA Board members?

Next I took a picture of some of us just arriving. The Capital Building in the background makes my tan Oldsmobile look much better that it is. At least its doors are not locked(more on that later).

Here is AACA President, Tom Cox, standing beside his Antique Automobile Magazine cover car explaining our hobby to a local correspondent.

Here is the local authority checking our President's car over for proper registration, insurance, and "Why are you on MY GRASS?":)





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Let's see what else we have here????

1. A nice Buick convertible

2. A very clean Model A pickup. Wonder how he made out in traffic?

3.Porsche "bathtub"

4. A very nice right-drive Dodge phaeton.

If anyone wants to add names to the owners here, I'd appreciate it.






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1. John and Doris Stone's Plymouth sedan all the way from Port Republic, Virginia. "Valley folks, they are!", said Yoda.;)

2. A cute MG, just the right size for my youngest son, Mike. Open your eyes, Boy!

3. another nice Model A.

4. A very clean early Oldsmobile.





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We are getting serious now!

1. This is Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who sponsored legislation to delay implementation of E15 until after a study by the National Academy of Sciences on the corrosive effects of E15 fuel on engines. I know you have seen Rep. Sensenbrenner on the news recently. He is very respected on the hill.

2. This is Rep. Tom Petri (R-WI) sharing a Rally shirt with Tom Cox.

3. AACA President, Tom Cox, delivering his presentation explaining the effect that E-15 would have on our antique hobby and older personal vehicles, whether cars, small engine, or lawnmowers.




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Here's the rest of the story.... You didn't think I was going to let you slide, did you?:cool:

My buddy Earl has lots of cars, but since most are in Florida, he only had his lastest creation, a beautiful Buick convertible in Virginia, covered up like a new baby, which she is to Earl.

Anyway, we needed an extra car on the Mall, so I suggested that Earl and Judy drive my silver '81 Regency 98 to DC. Of course we hit heavy traffic just above Manassas Virginia on I 95, which put undue pressure on old water hoses?????

Well, lots of steam caused us to leave the silver Olds in a shopping center. Everyone piled into the '84 tan Oldsmobile and showed up just in time for the BIG SHOW. I spent a lot of time reminiscing with old friends and before I knew it, Earl and Mike were waving for me to come over quick and get the chairs out the trunk so we could sit near the presentation stage. Well, in my hurry to get the chairs out, and needing to raise my windows and lock the car......!!!!!!?????? Ummmm, windows up-check.....doors locked-check.....keys in pocket??????? Ugh, not exactly! The keys were still in the ignition, which was still switched on to raise the windows. Just great!

I went up and down the line of cars looking for a clothes hanger. My buddy, Tom Cox shows up with a beautiful model, sporting nice white paint and nice smooth bends at the corners. Not for long, though!

By the time that Franklin Gage, myself and a new buddy (what was his name???) was finished, the clothes hanger was very bent with little to no white paint on it, and a funny looking hook on the end. I will try my best to straighten this hanger out, paint it a new beautiful white, and mail it back to Tom. We folks here in Virginia are thrifty, you know?


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In a related note, pipeline companies have begun blending and shipping only 84/85 octane rated gasoline intended to require blending with ethanol to achieve 87 octane, or alternatively with 93 octane premium with will result in "100%" gasoline costing 30-50 cents more per gallon regardless of brand. Iowa appears to be the first state where this has occurred.

Also the Minnesota legislature has passed legislation which specifically outlawed the use of non-ethanol fuels in all vehicles except "collector cars, boat motors, motorcycles, snowmobiles and a few other exceptions".




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