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exhaust manifold gaskets

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I am would like to find or get the spec for the exhaust manifold gaskets studebaker part #126190. The earlier part # 43491 will also work I believe.

I was driving my 1928 GE home from annual inspection today, cruising along at 45 mph and suddenly vroom. I had blown the end of the exhaust manifold gasket again. This will be the third time I have replaced the gasket. These manifolds were designed for metal asbestos individual crush gaskets at each port. Unlike on manifolds designed for flat gaskets that have bolts flanges on the end of the manifolds that hold the ends down the last bolt is in between the exhaust and intake manifold leaving the end not as secure as if there was a bolt on the end. It is by these ends that the manifold gaskets ends up leaking.

I have had the manifolds surfaced so they are flat and true as is the block. I have purchased new gaskets from Sandy Olsen who is a great supplier, but he makes a new flat gasket and does not have the original type gaskets. Is there a type of gasket compound that can be used on a manifold gasket that might seal this better?

These type gaskets were used on a lot of cars. The 43491 was used on Light sixes starting in 1923. it was also used on Standard sixes. Standard sixes and early GE Dictators used 43491 on the end intakes and 120454 on center intakes. The latter number has metal flanges added with bolt holes. These part numbers carry over into the Studebaker Parts book B showing them used on GE's interchangeable with newer number 126190. The 1928 to 40 sixes parts book shows only the 126190 # for all GE's but it shows that number also used in GJ commanders, GL dictators, S1, 41, 53, 54, 55.

Does any one have any of these they could measure and give me specs for or better yet some to sell? I have never seen an original as my car had a flat gasket when I bought it. If they are a flange and crush gasket I might be able to make the flanges and find appropriate crush washers to fit?

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hello try lester harris in minden nevada,lester is in his eighties now and still sharp as a tack,i called him last week about some moon parts and after not talking to him for a couple years he remembered my name and where i lived,hes been a parts supplier since the 50s his number is 775 267 2559,if any body has them its lester good luck dave

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I have a few of the original 126190 gaskets in stock.

I also have a complete manifold gasket set for the Model 56.

My main problem is that I have a huge warehouse full of Studebaker parts and failing health.I am way behind on parts requests.

I stock many of the odd gaskets ,all inventoried by part numbers.

My notes say that Victor made a one piece gasket # 9364 to replace the induvidual gaskets on the GE- Model 55.

Lester Harris is OK , I just ordered some items from him and they were promptly.


Robert Kapteyn




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