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1940 Commander brake drums

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I had a request for a front brake drum for a 1940 Commander.

From memory it seems that a 1/2 ton truck drum was the same.

Only the drum itself and you would need to change the hub.

Can anyone confirm this?

Robert Kapteyn

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The truck drum/ hub asembly will bolt right on. All the truck backing plates will bolt on as well and the later ones are a great improvement. these brake work muck better and are easier to adjust. The 63/64 truck bracks are self centering with star wheel adjustments are like adding power brakes compaired to good working 40 brakes. The only modifiction would be to the to the emergency brake cable. I have added daul master cylinders from eary 70s ford pickups to both my cars, modifactions required to the brake lines only. The pedal pressure is reduced greatly and you have the dual master safty. I drive my cars lots and like to keep my family safe.

Pat Mckenna

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