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Saw a '29 Peerless 6-81 Sedan


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Our club, the Packard Automobile Club of Australia, had a weekend Rally centred on Eden on the South Coast of New South Wales last weekend. On one of the days we visited a local car club who have a clubhouse, workshop and storage facilities. One of the cars in storage was a '29 Peerless 6-81 Sedan, see pic's below.









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Dear Mal,

Sorry to be so long in responding. I am recovering from a 9-day trip I just took to a historical reenactment in exotic North Dakota {I fell into an 1851 time vortex more or less and was transported back to pioneer days. No antique cars -- but there was a Metis Red River Cart and a canot du Nord involved}.

Thanks for sending these great pictures of the 1929 Peerless Six-81!! At first I thought: "Great, some more photos of the 1930 6-81 that was purchased at Barrett-Jackson and shipped to Australia about a year ago." Then I noticed it's a 1929, that there are no dual horns mounted on the L.S. of the cowl, it's a different shade of blue, and it doesn't have red wire wheels. Also, this couldn't be the one that was in Wisconsin 'til 2 years ago because the placard says it was restored by the South Coast Historical Vehicle Association workshop team (New South Wales, Australia, I think) over the last 8 years. I eventually figured it out.

This adds to my knowledge of Australian Peerlesses quite a bit. All I had on the car before was a letter from someone in Tasmania that a six-cylinder Peerless Sedan in Victoria had been for sale in a Down Under old car magazine (Just Cars, about 1999). I wasn't even sure it still existed!


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G'day Jeff,

Could you PM me with your email address? I'll then pass that on to Andrew so he can contact you directly.

I have been in touch with the club chairman Tony Stove ,his E mail is "the.stoves@bigpond.com . Sound like very nice people ,regards, Peter
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G'day Peter,

The guy that Jeff wanted to contact wasn't Tony Stove in Pambula, who is a nice guy and who we met when PACA visited the Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club in June, but Andrew B who is a member of our club and lives in Sydney. I have since been able to link Andrew and Jeff together by email. But speaking of Tony Stove, while there, Tony entertained us with a history of his club including various interesting snippets. One such snippet was that they have hosted many visiting clubs including the Rolls Royce Club who, while they were there, asked if one of the RR's could be put up on the hoist so that some members could actually see what the underside looked like! Imagine that, not knowing what goes on under your car, who would have thunk it?

Pic of Tony Stove, he's the guy on the left


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