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1927 Nash for sale: for restoration or parts


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A local charity youth organization has a 1927 NASH which was donated to them. They would like to convert the iron into cash and use the proceeds for their charitble work.<P>The car appears complete except for the radiator and radiator shroud. The engine (OHV, single ignition), entire drive train, axles, disc wheels and complete 4-door body are there. The body does not appear to have any through-the-metal rust, but it needs full re-wooding and a full interior for restoration. It's been many years since the engine ran. <P>The car is sitting in a field in Riverside, California, under a plastic tarp. Before that it was stored in a run-down barn, but it was under some cover. Looks like the glass is all there, and I saw at least a couple of seat springs.<P>The youth group would probably let it go quite inexpensively. I did not discuss price with them. I went to see it having been told it was a Studebaker. Wrong. If you have any serious interest please contact me.<P>If you are into Nash, or know somebody that is, it could be an interesting project or a wealth of parts.<P>Neil M<BR>yesterdayonceagain@yahoo.com<BR>

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