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Exhaust system

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Can anyone advise where to purchase an exhaust system for a 1991 TC

Not to hijack this thread but I am also curious about a replacement exhaust--but for a 1989 TC with a 16v motor. My current one will not pass inspection. I would like a set up that gives me a couple more horses to play with plus has a deeper, more mellow sound.

I went back into the archives and saw someone installed a high flow spun cat and a magnaflow ss muffler from Jegs. He seemed fairly pleased with the results.

Anyone else out there have some insights to share on this?


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I had a 2-1/2 exhaust installed on my 89 2.2 turbo last summer. It is not a 16 valve. My mopar turbo contacts told me about a Texas company called. I order 2.5 exhaust from them. I am not sure if they have parts for the 90-91 6 cylinders.

FWD Performance


I talked to Cindy


The round size muffler did not fit. I got an oval 2.5 muffler to squeeze in there. They also offer a 3 inch system, but I put in the 2.5 because the down pipe is already a 2.5 inch pipe. The pipes ordered were catback aluminum 2.5 pipes for a Daytona. The pipes need to be modified when received. One pipe needs to have 3 or 4 inches cut off and then welded on to the other pipe to accommodate the differences in the body size between the Daytona and the TC.

The 2.5 pipes add a nice growl to my TC

An oval chrome end pipe was added instead of the little dual exhaust pipe coming out of the muffler.

The sound files I have are to big to post. PM me with your email address if you want a copy of the mpg of the exhaust sound. The 2 files I have are 2 meg and 4 meg.



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the 2.5 in exhaust from FWdp will fit as its a mostly universal kit, you will have to cut your current downpipe at the cat or just after the cat and add the new to it. i did that with my exhaust for the 16V masi daytona i built. i used a 2.5 hi flo magnaflow cat and muffler set up with her system. was pretty cheap also

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