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HELP needed. Brake light Bulb 1938 Nash ambassador


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If you can reach the bulb socket from inside the trunk, the socket may pull out of the reflector and the bulb will come with it. If not, remove the screw(s) from the tail light lens holder and the lens will come off. Then push the bulb in slightly and turn counter clock wise 1/4 of a turn, then pull out.

When replacing, there are two "****" on the side of the bulbe, if it will not turn after inserting it into the scoket, remove it, turn it 1/2 turn and relace ,then turn 1/4 turnclock wise.

ps, when you remove the screws on the lens, turn counter clock wise to loosen.

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My lights aren't in the trunk. They are mounted in the fenders. I went to a local shop that had an older gentleman working there. I asked him if he knew how to remove it. Come to find out there is a chrome piece around the glass that acts like a c-clip. I slowly removed it and the glass came out. Now I am on the hunt for the 6v bulbs...after a few calls I can pick them up tomorrow.

Thanks for responding.

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