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1956 Buick Special master cylinder

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Matt, I don't think you'll find a kit, as the fellows who offer this service pretty much have them locked up. And given that this is a one year, one marque application, it is costly to have one rebuilt. If you get Hemmings I would look in there under services. Otherwise there have been a few threads on this forum with recommendations for rebuilders. I just do not seem to have much luck searching these forums for that information. I had mine rebuilt by some one in California back around 87-89 and it cost me $300.00 then. Can't recall who that was.

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Guest NikeAjax

I'm pretty sure this is the place:

Power Brake Exchange

260 Phelan Avenue

San Jose, CA 95112-6109

Phone: (408) 292-1305

From what I've heard they do EVERYBODY'S work: the guy at the front counter was saying that Apple sends them their stuff too--YIKES! I had mine done there too, at the time I was living in San Jose. Good folks, and VERY friendly...

Also, yes, you will find that that EFFEN-thing is a one year only part--GRRRRR!


PS If this is the place, can one of the admins post the info where it will be simple to find, like sticky it to the top er sumthin...

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Brake and equipment warehouse 612-378-3141 rebuilt one for me. People have had machine shops make a new plunger rod of stainless, heard the mild steel ones corrode beyond use. They remachined my mstr cyl with a stainless liner and installed new kit great!

I'm looking for a rebuild kit or a complete master cylinder to replace my unit with. Any ideas?
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My Electra and my Riviera master cylinders are both sleeved by Apple. The key is keeping water out of the brake fluid once everything is fixed. The vent on the reservoir allows humidity to be absorbed over time. Annually you can take an old turkey baster and draw the darkened fluid from the reservoir, refill it with fresh, and bleed each wheel cylinder until nice clear fluid comes out. This will get the moisture out and prevent those muddy corrosion deposits from forming. I prefer doing this to using silicone fluid where the idea of "do it once and forget it" gets ingrained. I just think it is important to physically check the brakes each year.


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