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Chuck Heinitz

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My soft top has not been used for some time and now when I want to use it I find the fabric has shrunk. When I attach the front I cannot push the back down to engage. I tried doing the back first but than I cannot engage the front hooks. Is there any adjustment I can do? If I wet the fabric does anyone know if this would strech the cloth, or is there a product that can soften the fabric? Thanks, Chuck

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First things first, always lock down the back and run it down tight.

It's natural to have some stretch to the top, but a top put away wet will shrink and you can split seams and even material if you try to stretch it to far to fast.

If you think your top is stretching to tight because it has shrunk: Give your top a sponge bath, let it hang by it's own weight while extended over the windshield, keep it damp and eventually you will be able to grab the window frame with the hooks. If you're going to split a seam it usually pops at the rear bows so give the seams extra moisture time and don't put the top down again until it's good and dry.

And yes there is some adjustment to the hooks, not much, better to open the hooks as wide as possible and if you have to pull the top into place to get the hook in the hole one at a time do that first and let it stretch for a bit before latching.

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