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Hupmobile Model 20 Spark Plugs


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[My entry listing Hupmobile Model 20 Spark plugs got lost in the Forum's recent hacking incident, so here is a re-post]

I'll attempt to answer my own question, courtesy of a spark plug collector I've corresponded with. The Hupp Model 20 used a standard-length 7/8" - 13 TPI plug, one of the more common types. The Model A Ford used this size plug, I believe. The original plugs used by Hupmobile were probably Champions. The Champion #JAS43 is a period type that would be correct. The Autolite #T9, Blue Crown (Tak-a-part) #2, Bowers C78H will fit. Also, Edison #35 and Firestone #S80C are correct. Most every spark plug maker had this size available, including Rajah and Splitdorf (the latter having the pretty green hexangonal body).


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