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Well, if it's only opinions, I always prefer an original car. I don't want to get into the original vs. hot rod thing, and the 34 is supposedly finished so it's too late to save it. If you want to cruise at highway speeds with AC and disk brakes, I guess that's the way to go. This begs the question, however - how good was the work done on this car? Go over to the H.A.M.B site and read all the horror stories of supposedly "finished" cars turning out to be a pile of poorly engineered junk. A hot rod is only as good as it's builder, and buying a finished one is taking a major leap of faith at that price. An original car brings its own set of problems - questionable highway performance in both engine and brakes and probably lots of tinkering to get things right. It all comes down to what YOU want. I'll take the original car every time, but that's just me.

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Thank you gentlemen for responding. My motivation for asking for your opinions is born out of bemusement. On one hand the street rod looks to me like a lot of money has been spent on making a '34 Dodge into a peculiar hybrid which is trying hard too convince everyone that it is still a Dodge, when in reality it no longer bears more than a passing resemblance and on the other hand the '36 is the genuine article; honest as the day is long, but will possibly sell for less than half that of it's transatlantic cousin.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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I think that 500 hp from a street-able 360 would be a bit optimistic, and probably difficult to tame on the street as per his description.

However to your question, these are fun cars and you will find WAY more places to show it off at hot rod cruises than original cruises.

If the 34 was original and in that condition it would be alot of fun too. But like Taylormade stated original cars take some tinkering and parts are not as available on the road as with more up to date running gear.

Who knows what the builder had to start with, but it is his own car. So with that said it is his own creation and I like it.

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